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Publish By: DS Academy
on Nov 23, 2016

Want to do PHP certification courses? Join DS Academy

Facebook. Who doesn't uses or knows about it? Almost everybody does. But, if you are an engineer or learning to code then you must also be aware of the fact that the popular social networking website is developed in the programming language PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). The programming language has been evolving ever since its inception and is becoming popular day by day, such is the usage of the language that 80% of the top 10 million websites are built in PHP. The language is user friendly, secure, open source and platform independent which makes it favourable under many conditions.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, people also opt for PHP certification courses as it is easier to use. Yes! The language was designed to make development easier and now it's a big hit amongst those who want to code but find coding difficult. The best and most helpful part of the language is the availability of pre written functions and snippets. Pre-written functions are like shortcuts that makes work simpler like anything. The beginners find it easy to code in PHP as compared to coding in other languages. Moreover, since it's open source, it is free to use and those coding in it can also get help from a large community of users and supporters who are share their answers if one gets stuck with any problem. World's largest CMS (content management system) in use, WordPress is also built on PHP.

Talking about PHP frameworks, they facilitate working of different team of programmers on the same project. And since these frameworks are open source so they get updates from time to time.

If you too are interested in PHP certification courses and want to learn all about PHP then come to us at DS Academy. PHP certification courses provided by DS Academy covers the basic PHP, its framework and live projects. You get to learn about Wordpress, Yii, Magento, Joomla, etc and the best part of learning all these is the live project accompanied by industrial exposure that the academy provides.

Yes! with DS Academy, you get to work on live projects, the academy also makes sure that you get to experience the corporate world. You are not just taught by the industry professionals, but also get a chance to have discussion with them, visit the office and see the developers working.

So, now if you are fully prepared to learn PHP and want to go for PHP certification courses, worry not and come to us.



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