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Publish By:DS Academy
At Aug 1, 2017

Internship program that will not just make you capable but also successful

Baccha kabil bano, kabil ... kamyabi to jhak maar ke peeche bhagegi (Be capable son, capable ... success will definitely follow you no matter what)

This is not merely a dialogue from 3 idiots, one of Bollywood’s most successful movies, but it is something that holds true in real life. Don’t just study for acquiring a degree or two, but study to fulfil the main purpose of it… gaining knowledge. Yes! Gaining knowledge is of utmost importance, but in this fast running world we have almost forgotten the real motive behind education, all we want to chase is a lucrative job without paying heed to knowledge.

Now, if you are someone who’s pursing a masters in computer application (MCA) and think that you have enough knowledge about your field and don’t require any other training, then don’t forget the fact that there is a beginning but no end to knowledge. The more you learn the lesser it is. And so, learn as much as you can and as concluded in the dialogue capable.

At DS Academy, we value the power of knowledge and focus on making our students capable, which is why internship for MCA students at our academy is all about offering them the best.

In the internship for MCA students, we cover courses that cover Android and iPhone applications, SEO techniques and Web development. Ours is a three month training where the students are taught the theory as well as the practical aspects of their subjects. The training is undertaken by tutors who have worked in the corporate world and have faced the real time challenges. Furthermore, the training will help you develop professionally which will further help you get a good job. Doesn’t it sound profitable? Getting knowledge and job at the same time.

Get yourself enrolled today and experience the difference between getting trained by industry professionals and your college/university professors. Student life is the right time when you can make the best use of your time for learning, so start today and come to DS Academy.



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