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Publish By:DS Academy
At Jan 12, 2017

Internship for MCA students... their shortcut to success

Done your BCA, completed your MCA and now all set to enter professional life. But are you confidently ready for a transition from student life to a working life? Confused! Let’s talk about employers then. They merely get impressed by degrees nowadays, what they actually need is much beyond the paper that speaks about you. They prefer the candidates who have exposure of the corporate world, the ones with the actual job experience, and the ones with the understanding of the business and the industry and those who are not completely fresher or unknown to the real life experiences. And if you are also the one who lacks that experience, then internship program is your answer. Yes! This internship can work wonders for you if you want to acquire the skill set needed to get into the corporate world and work efficiently. But, don’t just blindly believe what we are suggesting, rather take your time, explore and see by yourself the importance of experience in yielding a better job. When you’ll go for the internship, it is then that you’ll realise the quote:


Internship programs can make you stand apart from the rest and aid you in winning a job opportunity over the others. So far we have been talking about internship and how it’s beneficial in gaining a job but the word ‘Internship’ is much beyond than just the few benefits that you might be thinking about right now. Internship for students is not only about the job, professional development, monetary benefits, but it’s also about the overall development and has a lot to offer you like:

  • Real time exposure – Internship can take you to the peeks of success with the first hand exposure of working in the real world that it gives you. It lets you enhance your skills, make use of your theoretical practice and cultivates in you adaptability.
  • You discover yourself - This internship helps you know what you are good at, what you are interested in, what your goals are and how to achieve them. You will not just learn about the subjects but also about yourself. Internship programs are designed in a way that it's not only about them learning the practical aspects of theory classes but is also about them discovering their inclination towards a particular field of study. All in all, it's more about self discovery.
  • Better resume – You are every bit of your resume, it serves as your first impression and as says the saying that 'first impression is the last impression', so resume is of utmost importance. And if it's up to the mark, then nothing can stop you from acquiring your dream job in your desired company.
  • High pay scale – With an internship to boost about, you can get higher pay scale than the fresher with no experience at all.
  • Confidence – You are all high with confidence if you have the certificate that proves your worth.

This was just a glimpse of the program's benefits, the actual list is endless. And with so much to gain from an internship program you might be thinking of going for one, for that we'll tell you what we have in our goodie bag for you.

Well, ours is a six months industrial training that covers under its umbrella courses for latest technology in demand like PHP, Java, Asp.Net, Android, IOS, etc. We provide you corporate learning environment, focus on your professional development and assure you 100% placement.

Join us today and get trained by industry professionals having 8-10 years of experience. Get a lifetime experience of working on live projects with mentors who'll guide you through the entire project and will make learning and working a delight for you. Make the best use of being in Jaipur, and without any second thoughts join DS Academy today.



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