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At Sept 21, 2016

How DS Academy changed my life

This blog is not written just for the sake of it, but it is something which has been personally experienced by me. I am an engineering graduate who passed out in the year 2010. With a degree as good as I had very high hopes from myself back then. And since the last semester of my engineering I started looking out for a good job, but all in vain as I couldn’t get myself a job which was good enough. I was saddened like hell, but then I thought of focusing on the reasons as to why this was happening, all I could get was that it was either because of the lack of knowledge or because of inadequate certifications. I tried searching for institutes that could train me, sharpen my technical skills and guarantee me job placements but I couldn’t find any as per my expectations. Then, I took help from a lot of my friends in honing my technical knowledge, searched a lot for sources that could help me fetch a job, but getting a job was really difficult. That was the struggling time I faced in my life and wished that at least my younger sister doesn’t have to go through it.

I came to know about DS Academy, an institute in Jaipur and Jodhpur that not only imparts the best knowledge in the field but also guarantees 100% job placement. Yes! You read it right, it guarantees job placement. Doesn’t it sound great? Well, not just this, but many of my colleagues were trained there and as juniors, they know much more than I do as a senior.

And as this time it was my sister, taking a risk with her career was out of question and moreover, I did not want her to face the same struggle as I did. So, I visited the institute to be doubly sure. To my surprise, the institute offered everything needed to be a successful software engineer.

  • The teachers that teach various courses are real time industry experts having 8-10 years of work experience.
  • You name a course and they teach it, be it a course for certified PHP professional, certified .Net professional, certified JAVA professional, certified android professional, certified IOS professional or certified c & C++ and many more like these.
  • They provide industrial training where the students get the exposure of the corporate world.
  • And, the best part is that they offer Advance Placement Program (APP) where they guarantee job placement.

While these were just a few points I remember about the institute that changed my sister’s life, there is much more to it. Get yourself enrolled in it and see the magic happening to you, grab the best jobs available in the field and have a career that you could cherish forever.



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