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Publish By:DS Academy
At Nov 7, 2017

Reasons Why You Should Learn Android Programming Online

Do you know that around 1.3 million new Android devices are activated each day? The total number of Android devices has now reached to billions in numbers, leading to an increase in demand for Android app developers. Learning Android App Design and Development is currently a most desirable career trend which specifies there will be a lot of opportunities for developers in the near future. So, if you think you have a basic level of programming understanding and experience, then Learning Android Programming and development can help you become a professional Android Developer.

You may have a question that why you should particularly choose an Android app Programming and development course? Today, thousands of companies are looking for Android Developers due to the dominance of Google’s Android mobile operating system. Companies around the world are willing to run their products & services up and running on Android devices.

Our Android Programming course is an ultimate solution to the students who’re looking to set their career level higher. You don’t need any specific skills, programming knowledge and experience to learn how to build Android apps and take this complete course. DS Academy aims towards turning a fresher not only to a developer but to a smart industry professional. There are so many reasons to Learn Android Programming:

Open Source Platform

An Android is an open source platform which makes it the most preferred technology ever. You’re allowed to use it for free, you do not have to pay anything to learn, to use the source code, to code the programming language, to develop the app or to deploy its prototype.

Flexible and Portable

The Android operating system is highly flexible and portable, allows flexibility for the learners who develop apps and can be easily ported to Chrome OS.

Highly Accessible

A developer can easily access the platform from anywhere, anytime through a mobile or tablet and can view all the online information very quickly.

High Demand for Android Developers

Companies look for developers who can turn their ideas into reality. In the recent years, we’ve seen a high demand for Android developers and it will continue for the foreseeable future.

Learning Android Programming is essential as it has a viable growth in the coming years, like it has great job opportunities for students, handsome salaries, highly accessible, high user base, offers great flexibility and much more!

Learning Android Programming with us has many benefits, visit here at DS Academy to know more.



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