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Publish By:DS Academy
At March 06, 2017

Sharpen your technical skills with us

Most people are opting for engineering, but is it all worth it? Are they getting the practical knowledge? Are their professional skills up to the mark? Do they have the skill set required for their field? No, then is it worth studying like that? Well, engineering is all about the practical aspects of subjects and if that is missing, then there is no use studying engineering. And if you are also the one whose knowledge is limited to theoretical knowledge then it's high time that you work on your skills, high time that you learn what is required of you to learn and if you think you lack time to join any institute then summer training for B.Tech students is what you should opt for. Yes, summer training can be a great saver for those who want to acquire the practical skill set expected from engineers. But where to join this training? Which courses are suitable for you, which ones are not? We, at Dotsquares Academy have a number of courses to suit various needs of students.

Apart from summer training for B.Tech students, Dotsquares Academy also offers industrial training whose duration is more than that of summer training. While the duration of industrial training is 6 months, the duration of summer training is 45 days.

Below written are some of the courses offered by Dotsquares Academy:

  • PHP Professional
  • Dot-Net professional
  • Java Professional
  • Android Professional
  • IOS Professional
  • C & C++ professional
  • SEO Professional
  • Web Designing
  • Magento Professional
  • Drupal Professional

Dotsquares Academy imparts the best knowledge and makes sure that you get what is the need of the hour, besides that, there are a number of other reasons to join Dotsquares Academy, topmost being that the students are taught by the industry experts. Yes! By the experts having 9-10 years of experience. These experts give real time industry experience to students and help them prepare for the corporate world.

The students not only make projects, but also see them get live, that is, they handle live projects. The students are taught project management skills where they not only learn to manage the projects but in addition, are also made to talk to clients and hence they learn handling clients side by side. All in all, summer training for B.Tech students by Dotsquares Academy enhances their technical skills, develops their business communications skills, leading to their professional development.

So, why wait? Why not come to us and sharpen your skills. And, our training is not just limited to imparting knowledge but we also give you 100% placement guarantee, so, don’t just waste your summers. Contact and join us.



DS Academy 4-RA-5, Janupyogi Lane, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India - 302004
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