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Publish By:DS Academy
At October 02, 2017

From Android to iOS, learn everything about app development

You have the idea and we have the requisite knowledge to help you implement it. Didn’t get what we are signalling at? Well, we are talking about the world of apps. If you think you got an idea for the app that hasn’t yet been implemented, and you want it to develop yourself without disclosing its concept to anybody else, then come to us and learn app development. We offer mobile app development courses, learning which will make it feasible for you to execute your plan by building your own app.

At DS Academy, we have designed the courses in a such a way that they provide in-depth knowledge of how the whole process of apps development works. When you come to us, we consider you as a fresher (even if you have prior knowledge) who has no idea and needs to be taught from the very basics. Beginning from the scratch, we cover almost everything under our wide umbrella of courses. You'll come as students, but will go out into the world as professionals with hands on experience of creating apps. Once you will attend the necessary training, you will no longer have to rely on anybody else for turning your idea into an app. But why us, you ask? We will say because:

  • With us, you can learn from the real time experts
  • You will get to experience live project training
  • We will also teach you client management skills
  • We will assist you with project management skills
  • We will train you for business communications

Besides this, we will say that we cover almost all topics in our mobile app development courses. For instance, in iOS we teach everything under the introduction, creating the user interface, coding the user interface with objective –C, presenting data with table views, presenting data with collection view, applying navigation tools and techniques, interacting with web services, enhancing the user interface, map kit, data base etc.

For Android, we cover all topics under the heading: introducing the Android platform, understanding Android studio, defining activities, debugging Android apps, user I/O, managing navigation, supporting multiple screens, managing user interface, working with events, working with menus & action bar, working with data.

We have just briefed you about our courses, there’s a lot more to them. If you are adamant about learning and making an app, come to us and get completely trained.



DS Academy 4-RA-5, Janupyogi Lane, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India - 302004
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