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Publish By:DS Academy
At Sept 30, 2016

DS Academy: The hope for better training and jobs in Jaipur

With an increase in the number of technical institutes all across the country, there is for sure an all-time rise in the number of graduates, but the quality of education imparted by these institutions is still questionable, the level of education is far below the required standards and that's why majority of the technical graduates are either unemployed, do not have the required skill sets or opt to make a career out of their field.

Are you also the one pursuing technical degree with no access to practical knowledge? Already a technical graduate and still unemployed? Want to know the technical aspects better than you currently know? How? Join any job training and placement programs in the city. But why risk your career once again by joining 'any' why not join the best in town? Come to us... the DS Academy Advance Placement Program. DS Academy, an institute known to train a large number of trainees every year, has so far been making waves all across the city for being the best in the field.

There are many others in the city running job training and placement programs but what they offer might have slight or no difference at all from the institute you study in; and this is exactly where the DS Academy stands way ahead of others.

It gives you a chance to learn from the real-time industry experts, developers who are dedicated professionals with knowledge and experience of many years. They give you live project training, professional on-floor training, help develop client, management and business communications skills, assist in professional development and above all give you what you desire the most... 100% dedication and placement guarantee.

Job training and placement programs run by DS Academy is of two types, industrial training and summer internship.

Industrial training program is of six months, offering industry-specific job-oriented training and courses, which include Android and iPhone applications, web development on platforms like JAVA, .Net, PHP, along with training you for SEO techniques. These courses introduce students to corporate environment, thus analysing their true interests.

If you want to only brush-up your skills or don't have time of six months then summer internship programme of 45 is for you. This programme that teaches the latest trends in technology prepares students for the real-time challenges in the IT industry.

Various placement programs by the DS Academy are divided into categories based on their duration, for example, PHP Professional, .Net Professional, Java Professional, Android Professional, iOS Professional, C & C++ Professional, SEO Professional, Web Designing, Magento Professional, Drupal Professional, Industrial Training.

So, what else do you want from your job training and placement programs? Join today the DS Academy Advance Placement Program



DS Academy 4-RA-5, Janupyogi Lane, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India - 302004
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